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Baltic Lashes™ aluminum glue paper

Use the following disposable sheets to keep clean jade or crystal stones. One paper has 20..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Baltic Lashes™ hypoallergenic tape

The tape is designed to hold the lower eyelashes during the extension. Easily removable, no pain, hy..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 8.00€

Baltic Lashes™ Jade glue stone

This is a special cool surface of the stone that helps to keep the drop of the adhesive fresh for lo..

3.50€ Ex Tax: 3.50€

Baltic Lashes™ lash cleansing brush

Cleansing brush is a key tool to achieving clean lashes. The soft, flexible bristles of this ..

3.50€ Ex Tax: 3.50€

Baltic Lashes™ mascara brushes wands

Special brushes - combs for eyelash care and combing after eyelash extension treatment. Easy to use...

12.00€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Baltic Lashes™ microfiber brushes

Microfibers for use in eyelash removal and extension procedures. v Allow for precise appli..

6.00€ Ex Tax: 6.00€

Baltic Lashes™ mirror

Baltic Lashes™ mirror is giving you full access to see your work from another angle to make sure e..

9.00€ Ex Tax: 9.00€

Baltic Lashes™ palette

This Baltic Lashes™ palette is for gluing eyelash strips. Here on plate is lines from 7 mm to 1..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Baltic Lashes™ practice bubbles

Practice bubble is a must have tool for creating volume fans for volume eyelash exten..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 7.00€

Baltic Lashes™ practice lashes

v Perfect for beginners to practice isolation and placement of eyelash extensions after foundat..

3.00€ Ex Tax: 3.00€

Pencil sharpeners

Stainless steel sharpeners (Box 10 pieces). Box price 5 eur...

5.00€ Ex Tax: 5.00€