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OMBRE BROWS Online Course

OMBRE BROWS Online Course

About the technique

There are many different shading styles in permanent makeup. The most popular style of brows is Ombre brows or Ombre pixel brows.  Shading technique has been around for decades, but has been gradually improving into Ombre brows over the years. The ombré powder fill method involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and defined shape. Ombre brow effect is easily recognized by the color gradation that starts at the beginning of the brow arch – known as the head of the brow – in the centre of the forehead, and gets gradually darker towards the tail. This creates an illusion of fading. In the experience of artists, this particular style is often chosen by people who pencil in their eyebrows, as opposed to those who normally use different types of regular makeup for eyebrows.

Ombre brows are also sometimes called Ombre powder brows, Pixel brows, Powder brows or Microshaded brows.

Rita Romo was the first artist who revealed the technique of Ombre brows in permanent makeup world. In 2016, Rita Romo unique techniques in Ombre brows and microblading were featured in a International Permanent makeup magazine, where her photo graced the cover of the magazine. As this magazine came together with an educational CD, everyone who bought this magazine, had an opportunity to learn this beautiful Rita‘s Ombre brows technique. From that moment, Ombre brows came like a storm as a trend in permanent makeup world and it is still the most popular technique now. 

About the course

This application provides a system of online courses & products kit for practising. Our system is based on several levels:

★ The 1st level is Theory. Here you will find different chapters of Ombre brows course theory about: Techniques of Permanent Makeup, Machines, Needles, Hygiene, Safety, Anatomy, Physiology, Pigmentology, Color theory, Client Consultation, Anesthesia, Business.

After each chapter you will need to take a test. Only if the answers to the questions are correct, you will be able to read the next chapter. After successful completion of the Theory, you will be redirected to Practice levels.

★ The 2nd level is Practice.

★ Level 2 - Practicing shading & blending on paper

★ Level 3 - Practicing movement of shading

★ Level 4 - Practicing full eyebrows on latex

★ Level 5 - Eyebrows shape on client

★ Level 6 – Ombre brows treatment

Here you will be able to contact your trainer if trainer’s support is included. If you buy an express course, then you will have to study and practice yourself. The Express course is recommended only for practicing students who already have some education on this technique. 

If you decided to work under the supervision of a trainer, then in each practice level you will need to upload your homework. After the trainer approves your works for good quality, you will move to the next level. If your works are not perfect, the trainer will give you some advises for improvement.

After completing the Express course, you will be certified with an Ombre brows theory International certification. 

After completing the course under the supervision of a trainer supervision course, you will be certified with a Full Ombre brows International certification.

For whom is the Online Baltic Brows® Ombre brows course for? 

➤ People with no previous experience in permanent makeup or beauty field.

➤ Certified artists who want to improve their skills and qualification on Ombre shading. We noticed that our basic course is so intensive that students with different certifications can join this class and learn much more than in previous trainings. 

➤ An Permanent Makeup Business is also ideal for students attending colleges and university, or and stay- at- home moms who would like to have an extra income and work on their own schedule.

➤ People who want to learn but a live face-to-face course is an inconvenience.


✓ Complete the registration process.

✓ After the payment, your course will be activated automatically.

✓ You will receive your Baltic Brows® Ombre brows Kit by mail ( It is not included for the Express course).

✓ If choosing the course under the supervision of a trainer, over the next 6 months, you will master each level and achieve the Baltic Brows® standard!

What is exceptional about this course: 

❖ Step by step training. Starting from latex to full treatment.

❖ Exercises. Unique patterns created by us.

❖ Close up.

❖ Animations.

❖ Test your knowledge.

❖ Be certified – earn certificates and share your success.

❖ Grow with Baltic Brows® Academy, get logo.

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