Special pigments have been developed especially for Microblading and Hairstroke techniques: Nano pigments. This pigment contains smaller pigment particles than normal pigments. As a result, they are absorbed into the skin faster.
Nano pigments also contain a fixing agent, which makes the skin heal faster and keeps the pigment in place.
NANO STROKE line. This pigment is special because of combined based INORGANIC & ORGANIC: 
  • Designed for hairstrokes technique (microblading)
  • Cream type consistency
  • Healed hairstroke will look very thin and bright. 
  • Healed hairstroke will not migrate and blur during the time, but it will stay thin as on the first day
  • Bestseller: Nano 2
Note! We do not recommend to mix Classic line with other lines: Pixel or Nano. Why? Because each line has different base and consistency. 
But you can use different line of pigments in the same treatment for particular technique. For example, if you plan to do hybrid or combo technique, you can choose Nano 2 color for hairstrokes and Dark Brown color for shading in the same treatment.  
Note! All nano colors heal extremely well in the skin. You have to be carefull not to implant the pigment too deep. Deep pigmentation will make every pigment look grey or blue.