Why it is named as Nano needle? The smaller the area of contact, the greater the pressure on the object. The area of the needle that comes into contact with the skin is very small, and the pressure put on the skin is great. For this reason, a sharp needle pricks better than a dull one. That’s why we call our needles Nano as all of them are sharp and can give good healed results.Liner – mainly appropriate to the lines & hair-strokes. Pixel – mainly appropriate to the shading & thick lines.Configuration of group needles:Round. Those type needles are setted in a round shape group. Needles can be with round liner or round pixel Magnum. Those type needles are setted in a zigzag shape group. Mainly used for shading. Flat. Those type needles are setted in a line. Mainly used for shading. What does the number in the needles name mean? It means how many needles are in total. If there is 1 needle, then it will be name either 1 Nano liner or 1 Nano Pixel , depending on the needle‘s thickness. If there are 7 needles, then it can be named as 7 Flat Pixel, 7 Round Pixel,…, depending on the configuration.