PIXEL line pigments are special because of strong ORGANIC base – healed results are very intense. It’s a new generation of very strong organic pigments that:

  • Will stay in the skin up to 90% after healing
  • Will cover old permanent makeup very well
  • Especially good for oily skin
  • Recommended for experienced artists
  • They are designed for pixel shading & machine hairstrokes
  • Bestsellers: Choco, Brunet, Latino Brown

This new line of pigments for OMBRE brows and cover up. This type of pigment can cover old permanent makeup very well.

Note! Pigment looks warmer after the treatment but healed result looks cooler

Note! We do not recommend to mix Pixel line with other lines: Classic or Nano. Why? Because each line has different base and consistency. With this line you can do all machine techniques – shading and hairstrokes.

Note! This pigment is not for manual technique because consistency is too liquid.

Note! No need to dilute this pigments as it is not thick.